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Puppy Play Dates

Puppy Play Times

Puppies have special needs, much the way a baby or toddler does. For the pet parent who must leave their youngster while they work, leaving their pup for a long period can be stressful and hard on the puppy. Puppy visits help to aid in potty training and socialization, while the walks and playtime will ensure your puppy is tired out. Let Wagging Tails Dog Services take away the guilt, leaving only the joy of having a four-legged best friend.

The Piddly Puppy™ A 15 minute drop in for the puppy requiring a quick potty break.
The Precocious Puppy™ A 30 minute visit for puppies who are not housetrained or require a mid-day meal. Play time and a short walk are provided. If requested, we can work on basic training commands.
The Precious Puppy™ A 60 minute visit for the very social puppy or for those suffering from separation anxiety. A mid-day meal, play time, a short walk and a little more time for tenderness.

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