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Dog Walking

The Wagging Tails Dog Walking Program was created for the busy family who does not have time to walk their canine companion, or who is concerned about their pet being left alone during the work day. The Canadian Veterinary Association recommends dogs be exercised 2 to 3 times daily, for an hour per day for most breeds. Wagging Tails Dog Services can provide the exercise your dog requires, whether your dog loves a good walk, prefers playing fetch, or requires a combination of a playtime and a walk.

The Mid-Day Express Package™ A 15 minute lunch time visit, to give your companion a potty break and a meal if required. Excellent for aging dogs and puppies.
The Happy Dog Package™ A 30 minute walk or playtime to break up the day for your companion.
The Heavenly Dog Package™ A 45 minute walk for the high-energy dog.
The Sanity Package™ Created for the pet parent who works long hours. A 30 minute walk in the morning and in the late afternoon to alleviate boredom and unwanted behaviours.
The Emergency Package™ A premium service, for existing customers, designed for the pet parent who must work late and requires last minute services.

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