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Cat Sitting Services

Cat Sitting

Wagging Tails Dog Services does not just provide care for the canines of the world. Your kitty’s wellbeing is just as important. Most felines do not enjoy change in their environment and are content to stay in their home. Whether you require a short stop in or a longer visit for the more affectionate kitty, Wagging Tails Dog Services can help in keeping your friend feeling stress-free. Please note that additional visits are available at a discounted rate.

Quick Cat Package™ Not all cats require or desire social interaction.  For the timid or aloof cat, a 15 minute visit that includes a litter box change and a meal.
Convenient Kitty Package™ For the feline in your life who enjoys the familiarity of home. Each kitty visit is 30 minutes in length and includes a playtime for your kitty, a litter box change and a meal.

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